Online Registration

Welcome to Delta County School District!

*** Important Note *** Delta County School District is happy to be offering online registration for your student(s). Online registration starts July 24th and should save you a lot of time. Registration can be done at your convenience from any computer with Internet access. Desktop computers are recommended. Mobile phones are not recommended.

  • New students: At the end of your online registration process, you will schedule an appointment with a registrar to bring in your required documentation.
  • Existing/Returning Students: You will also register online and confirm information we already have for you, making updates/changes as necessary.

To download school supply lists for your school, please go here.

If you prefer to visit a school to register, that will be available, too. You'll still be going through the same online registration process and each school will have computers available for you to use. Please click here for dates and times for when each school will be open.

Online Registration

New Student Registration

New students include:
  • Preschoolers new to district
  • Students who are new to the district
  • Students moving from one attendance area to another, such as moving from Cedaredge to Delta
  • Students who left Delta County School District previously and are now returning
  • If registering for North Fork Montessori @ Crawford School please be aware as you register online, you are not guaranteed a slot because spaces are limited for some grade levels in our Montessori program, therefore you need to contact the school directly after you register online. School office will re-open the second week of August.

Helpful Tips

  • Desktop computer is strongly recommended. Mobile phones are not recommended
  • Registration usually takes 15-30 minutes
  • You'll schedule an appointment with your school at the end of the process
  • Don't forget to bring in the documents you'll need at your appointment to complete the process
  • School supply lists are available for download

Returning Students / Back to School Registration

Back to school students include:
  • Any student currently enrolled in our district who does not meet any of the criteria listed under the "New Students include" menu to the left. This would include preschool students in a district preschool program

Helpful Tips

  • Desktop computer is strongly recommended. Mobile phones are not recommended
  • Your username to log in will be your student's PowerSchool number, which was provided to you in a letter from your school. The password for your student is their date of birth, including zeros and slashes (example: 02/25/2000)
  • You will need to log in separately for each student you are registering, using their respective login information
  • Once you are logged in you'll be reviewing and updating (if needed) the information we already have about you, such as address and contact information.
  • If your information is out of date, please update it. Some updates may require you to visit your school to bring documentation (such as proof of residence, or legal documentation).
  • School supply lists are available for download
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