District Accountability

District Accountability Minutes are delivered in PDF format. If you do not have a PDF reader, you can download Adobe PDF reader for free.

Accountability/Commitment to Accomplishment

The Board accepts its ultimate responsibility for all facets of school operations and programs. The Board shall adopt and maintain an accountability program to assist in measuring the adequacy and efficiency of the educational program.

The Board shall appoint a district advisory accountability committee which will make recommendations to the Board relative to the program of accountability. The areas of study by the committee will be determined cooperatively at least annually by the committee and the Board relative to priorities for expenditures of district funds.

The Board is committed to maintaining a strong accountability program in each school and shall appoint school-level accountability committees. The district's accountability program shall include an annual progress report to the community of student performance and the results of the school improvements process. The program involving students, parents/families, staff and community members through a representative accountability committee.

Every effort shall be made by the Board, the superintendent, the staff and the accountability committees to fulfill the responsibilities inherent in the concept of accountability as well as the intent of the Educational Accountability Act and the state requirements for accreditation of schools and school districts.

All accountability committee meetings will be open to the public. Meeting notices will be posted in the same place and manner as notices of Board meetings and in school buildings, as appropriate, one week in advance and will be sent to the local news media.