End of the Year Comments

This year was extremely difficult--being that I was not in a college level English class last year jumping into College English presented its own type of challenge. Research Essays and the Literary Criticizing were tough for me. The research essays are easy in a way that most of it is fact after fact. The Literary paper was difficult because I had to try to visualize and understand what the deeper meaning in Mark Twains writing was. Of course everyone has read Tom Sawyer and knows that it is a children's novel, but understanding what he really meant was tough for me.
The good part about these papers, is they pulled me from my "comfortable writing" areas. The Rant N' Rave paper was easy for me to write, ideas and sentences poured out of my head, and blurred together. This made writing easy and exciting. One things I continue to struggle with though was source citing. No matter how much I read through Hacker, and attempted to follow the easy instructions throughout my writing I would cite wrong consistently. This provided frustration to myself and anger as well. This challenged me to a new extent which I am grateful for. I feel more prepared and ready for college, and this was one of my most difficult classes.
Since I am taking College Chemistry as well as this class both classes have been difficult in many ways. Chemistry is a combination of equations leading to one answer. English is the same way, consisting of symbols, and phrases. These all have to be combined in your writing to create a beautiful work of art. It helped me to become a better writer and that all I've been shooting for all year.


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Symbolism and Characterization

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” This quote used by Hellen Keller, defines the theme of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain (1876). Samuel Clemens otherwise known as Mark Twain created Tom and the town of St. Petersburg, Missouri in the classic story The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. This story is based in the 1870’s in the northeast section of Missouri. The town is actually based off of Hannibal, Missouri where Mark Twain lived during this time.

Two boys named Tom and Huck, are very rebellious and adventurous. The adventure within them leads to them witnessing a horrible murder, that was committed in cold blood. A man named Injun Joe and his partner Muff Potter murdered a doctor, after finding out both boys witnessed this, the kids are the next targets. Upon knowing they are the next targets the boys leave town for a while and hunt for treasure, only the real treasure is owned by the person they are running from. This leads to the boys constantly watching their backs, and being careful wherever they decide to venture. Twain creates the theme that “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing” through symbolism, plot, and characterization. Huckleberry Finn represents freedom, the plot is a picaresque genre, and the characterization is superstition. Injun Joe is a rugged outcast of the town of St. Petersburg, no one likes to deal with Joe, knowing he leads to nothing but trouble with the law. He is referred to as “that murderin’ half-breed!” (46). After the boys witness the murder, they decide to be pirates. Disappearing until the town thought the boys were long dead, they vow to return home to their funerals. After returning home getting respect, kisses and whoppings the next thing on the list is to tell the truth. When Tom and Huck testify against Injun Joe, he springs out the window and flees, before the court can do anything. This builds the climax of the story, knowing that Joe now knows that the boys witnessed the murder, it is a constant thrill, knowing Joe is after the boys. This lead to chain reactions including Injun Joe being disguised as a different person, to Injun Joe on the hunt for the boys, to the boys on the hunt for the treasure, which Joe ends up being in control of.

Twain uses different symbols throughout the book, however Huck Finn is one of his biggest symbols that can clearly be seen. Huckleberry Finn is a symbol of freedom, and he represents freedom in more ways than one. First off he is envied by all the boys in St. Petersburg for his insurable amounts of freedom. His father is the town drunk, and he has no mother, therefore he is controlled by no one. Huck never has to go to school, church and never has a curfew. Tom Sawyer is jealous of Huck “He did not have to go to school or church. He stayed up late. He went fishing or swimming whenever he wanted, and he was always the first boy to go barefoot in the spring” “Every boy in St, Petersburg thought he had a perfect life” (28). Tom and Hucks crave for adventure draws them together, creating a bond that cannot be broken, even by the likes of a murderer. These types of freedom lead to trouble, and the constant maturing of both boys. What can start out as fun and games, can turn into life and death situations in a matter of minutes.

Mark Twain symbolizes the idea of a consistent desire for adventure and freedom for Tom and Huck in many ways. Throughout the book, the boys are constantly on a thrilling adventure of some sort, being pirates, searching for treasure, playing indians. The jumping from adventure to adventure plays into Mark Twains picaresque theme. The boys play in a army fight early in the book, where Tom is the commander of one of the armies (21). Then they jump to being pirates on a island outside of town on the Mississippi. When playing pirates on the island the boys state very clearly about treasure “How’d you feel about finding a rotten chest full of gold and silver” (76). Many times though, both boys mention how fun it would be to have a circus life. This would mean traveling, living with a circus crew, and becoming clowns when they grow up. This demonstrates their passion for adventure.

Superstition is another theme Twain tosses around in many of the chapters. The first superstition reference is when Tom and Huck first meet. Huckleberry is in contact with a dead cat, he tells Tom that dead cats are usually used to treat warts “Say—what is dead cats good for, Huck?” “Good to get rid of warts” (30). He then goes on to say that “When it’s midnight, devils will come makin’ devil’s-fire an’ all” (30). This superstitious belief leads to the witnessing of the murder (49). The second reference is after Tom and Huck go missing after testifying against Injun Joe, a ferry shoots a canon ball above water in hopes of the “drowned bodies” floating to the surface. The final reference is the boys say that it is bad luck to mess with ghosts on a friday night (108). Superstition leads to adventure, but it can also lead to trouble such as the dead cat ritual.

As the adventures fade into one-another, a change can be seen in Tom. At the beginning of the novel it can be seen that Tome is immature, and against authority. Tom consistently is ditching school, causing mischief. Tom grows in more ways than one, maturity wise he changes drastically from being scared of Injun Joe, to at the end being confident and fearless when Tom and Becky are alone in the cave. Towards the end of the book Tom realized that authority is really keeping him from harms way. He learns that even as a young boy, he to can have respect that the elders demand “Judge Thatcher came to think a lot of Tom” (174). Although Huck and Tom are similar in the beginning with their desires, the end of the book throws a curveball at the reader. Huck is too used to freedom, as he goes along much of the newfound freedom that Tom earns, and enjoys is not shared with as much enthusiasm. At the end of the book Huck is dragged into society—something he has never had to be a part of, this pains him “he was dragged into society—and his pain was almost more than he could stand” (174).

Through symbolism and characterization, the reader can see how these young boys have grown inside and out. These collection of short scenes ties up the ending to the book in a very complete way. Tom and Huck are reunited with society in a much better way than before. Tom understand authority is beneficial, while Huck learns that society is not what he wants, society causes him much more pain, than no authority. These scenes show the growth of Tom internally for society and the growth of hatred of Huck for society.

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Carburetor & Fuel Injection: The Race to Becoming Number One

Imagine that you're riding out in the sand dunes of Utah. It’s 110 degrees you have little water left in your camelbak and you’re also having a food shortage. You just bought a 2014 fuel-injected Kawasaki KX450F, and you are on a 20 mile loop. Your bike stops running, and there’s no fuel combustion to give the motor power. One of the sensors of the fuel injection went out, and now the whole system has utterly failed. What is to be done? A computer is not within walking to distance to provide a system reboot. This is the constant fight with fuel injection. Carburetors and fuel injection (also known as EFI) consistently cause fights between motor heads.

Cars and Dirt Bikes both consist of the two common objects: an engine, and either a carburetor or a fuel injection. A common question that most may ask: What is a carburetor?” A carburetor is a device in an internal combustion engine for mixing air with a fine spray of liquid fuel. “What is fuel injection?” Fuel injection is the direct introduction of fuel under pressure into the combustion units of an internal combustion engine. To an average human, this may seem like a useless topic, but to the gear heads, this is beautiful. The topic of carburetor versus fuel injection has been the highlight for years in the car industry. As it was meant to be, dirt bikes finally were able to see which system maximizes fuel combustion. The carburetor used in dirt bikes has more power, is less complex, and easier to maintain than a fuel injection is. Companies should continue making some bikes with carburetors and not completely switch to fuel injection.

Gear heads have been chomping at each other for years over the topic of, “Which combustion system is better for your bike?” Both of them have been competing in cars and bikes since the early 1900’s. Many questions always asked between fuel injection and carburetor was which produced more power, has much faster and better throttle response and which is the most cost effective. One reason why carburetors versus fuel injection has become a HUGE topic is due to fuel injection becoming a major part of the motocross industry. This is an important topic for those who are into racing motocross and even cars. It’s all about maximizing the performance of an engine, and for that the carburetor or fuel injection needs to be at their finest. This means either one needs to have the most power output, be the easiest to maintain, to be the one with the best fuel economy, etc. Fuel injection or carburetors should be able to come as the ideal package with all the above.

The world's first carburetor for the stationary engine was invented by the Hungarian engineers János Csonka and Donát Bánki in 1893 (Obuda University). The carburetor was most commonly used in dirt bikes up until fuel injection became popular in 2009. The goal of the carburetor is very simple: it needs to mix the correct amount of fuel and air for engine combustion. A carburetor consists of an open pipe through which the air passes into the inlet manifold of the engine. The pipe is in the form of a Venturi (a short piece of narrow tube between wider sections for measuring flow rate or exerting suction). It narrows in section and then widens again, causing the airflow to increase in speed in the narrowest part. Below the Venturi is a butterfly valve called the throttle valve, this is a rotating disc that can be turned end-on to the airflow.

The throttle valve can be opened wide to allow complete flow, or it can be rotated so it almost completely blocks out the flow of air. This valve controls the flow of air through the carburetor throat and the quantity of fuel/air mixture the system will deliver. This will regulate the engine power and speed. Carburetors remain more basic compared to fuel injection. Not many technological advanced can be made to the carburetor, as the become more technologically advanced the combustion system would be more similar to the fuel injection.

Fuel injection was invented, or patented, as far back as 1896, but little work was done about the fuel injection systems until Robert Bosch developed working fuel injection systems to be used in diesel engines. By the 1920’s, it was widely used on diesels and during the 1930’s, German engineers developed fuel injection for gas engines used in fighter aircraft. This was a big step during these times, as fuel injection produced faster responsiveness than a carburetor, which was the difference between life or death during the World Wars. In the middle of war, being a fighter pilot the plane with the fastest system would always prevail. Originally carburetors were used in many fighter jets until fuel injection was introduced. This gave the Germans the upper hand due to them not suffering from “g” force that limited performance on carbureted engines (Second...Garage). When other countries realized that the Germans were technically “cheating” the system, they copied this idea and thus began the race of carburetor versus fuel injection.

Jimmy Lewis of Dirt Rider magazine talks about EFI in a much simpler scenario, saying, “Basically there is a pump unit, usually located in the gas tank, this pumps fuel to over 35 psi and then it goes straight to the injector nozzle. The nozzle is an electronically controlled valve, and it measures how much gas is released in a timed squirt. Fuel is pulsed into a throttle body where a butterfly valve is controlled by the throttle. The butterfly valve meters the amount of air that can pass through the throttle body. It has a position sensor to communicate information to the computer on the throttle opening.”

With certain information and readings from other sensors to measure readings like engine rpm, exact positioning of the crank, coolant temperature, air pressure, air temperature and oxygen content in the exhaust, the fuel injection computer figures exactly for how long and when it should pulse and squirt fuel into the intake tract (Lewis). As complicated as this all seems electronically, including all the variables and different parts, the actual working of the system is very simple.

Fuel injection performs the same functions as the pilot, main, needle and nozzle were doing except it uses its very own complicated system based on suction velocity. Now, professionals are doing these functions with zeros, which are pulsing electrons on a chip that operate off a spreadsheet (Lewis). The biggest advantage to using this spreadsheet is consistency, but the advantages are drastically growing with every reconstruction of software and hardware. Fuel injection also starts the combustion process much easier than a carburetor when in colder temperatures. In carbureted engines, the fuel/air mixture meets in the carburetor. The mixture then goes to each cylinder through the air intakes. In the fuel injected engine, the fuel and air do not mix until they reach the cylinder (Yoder). This makes a carburetor easier to start when the engine is overheating. A fuel-injected engine is easier to start in cold weather than a carbureted engine. The priming is more efficient and starting is more assured with less chance of an induction fire (Peterson’s...Inc.).

Carburetors are becoming less and less common in dirt bikes as the years progress. Mikuni and Keihin are two of the most common aftermarket carburetors used in dirt bike engines in the last 10 years. Mikuni’s new HSR48 (the letters stand for the model type and the 48 stand for the diameter of the carburetor measured in mm) was developed for large, highly tuned engines. It flows 26% more air than the HSR42 and 14% more than the HSR45. Highly developed engines with large valves and expert port modifications can gain peak power using the HSR48. Engines with stock ports do not benefit from the HSR48's greater flow (Mikuni). This means that for these aftermarket carbs to work at maximum efficiency, the ports need to be aftermarket and adjusted. This carburetor is used often by Team Honda and Team Yamaha.

The advanced technology found in Keihin CR Racing Carburetors has been proven in over twelve years of road racing with countless World Championship and National Championship Superbike victories. Following the superbike victories, Keihin has established a high reputation for its performance, reliability and quality. Having a tradition of advanced technology and performance, Keihin's latest carburetor design for racing is the FCR, which is designed for downdraft engine design use. The FCR features a flat slide throttle operating on roller bearings in a smoothbore Venturi (Keihin). This is the perfect racing carburetor for use on downdraft engines, as it is found in many popular sport bikes that are designed for serious competition. Keihin FCRs are the number one carburetor for use in many factory super bikes and endurance teams that use a, inline 4 cylinder engine. These carburetors are very popular among Team Suzuki and Team Kawasaki.

ACCEL DFI, Electromotive’s TEC System, FAST and MoTeC System are four of the most common aftermarket fuel injection systems on the market, as they are all reliable and extremely good. The ACCEL DFI system is the most popular and one of the most reliable aftermarket fuel injection systems available (Cars Direct). The Generation II version of the ACCEL system features idle air control, knock control, fueling control and acceleration management. It is available in different configurations, ranging from the basic system to the extensive system. For crate-engine combinations, (which is a replacement engine), the Generation II version also comes with a Plug-n-Play system. The Plug-n-Play system is a programmable electronic fuel injection. The settings can be directly changed by just plugging the system into the computer and programming to the specific need. It has the ability to operate 3 stages of nitrous oxide as well as calculate the amount of fuel enrichment for each of these stages. This is multi-tasking at its finest for a combustion machine.

Electromotive is second best to the ACCELL DFI. This fuel injection system is probably one of the most sophisticated systems that includes MAF-digital. The TEC system is expensive. It can set the buyer back at least $2,000 due to its patented fuel injection and direct ignition control, which are combined into one. This computer programmable control system features a window-based tuning system. Electromotive EFI system is available in TEC II and TEC III. The TEC III is an upgrade on the TEC II with the addition of a new processing platform. It has a patented digital Direct Ignition Control as well as anodized ECU that has waterproof OEM style connectors (Cars Direct).

FAST, which means Fuel, Air, Spark Technology is capable of converting your engine to an fuel injection system using a standalone system (it doesn’t require a operating system’s services to run on). Formerly called the Speed-Pro system, FAST was designed specifically for C-Com and PC Windows-based software. This makes for easy tune-ups and allows you to simultaneously look at timing curves, fuel maps, data logs and enrichment tables (Cars Direct). However, one of the best features of FAST is that you can tune the system via the Internet. All you need to do is plug in your computer or laptop to the ECU or a Electronic Control Unit, and provide the tuner with the IP address. It will then do the rest of the work by itself without needing somebody to give the computer direct instructions.

MoTec fuel injection system features a three dimensional fuel ignition control, and mapping. This feature enables the person using this to set the time for the spark, as well as drive the ignition modules at its maximum at all times. It has individual and injection cylinder fuel/ignition trims that can handle engines with eight cylinders. With its programmable flash memory chip, you can store programs without the need for a program chip or EPROM (Cars Direct). MoTec's mass air fuel injection system passes all emission testings, which means the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) cannot interfere.

In 2014, Dirt Rider magazine did a combined test between carburetor and fuel injection. They tested the Jetting, Altitude Compensation, Complexity, Adjusting, Weight, Power and Feel in both carbureted and fuel injection combustion systems. With combined feel (how the bike feels when riding including power, smoothness, responsiveness) and power the carburetor pulled ahead of the fuel injection. The fuel injection contains more power ranging from 5,000 to 7,000 RPMs, but the carburetor has more power, anywhere from 7,500 to 10,000 RPMs (Dirt Rider). The carburetor also has more of an “organic feel” as opposed to the fuel injection. The throttle response is no doubt much faster all across the board when running a fuel injection system. The fuel injection has completely eliminated the horribly-awaited drag or bog that comes with the brass jets that are used in most carburetors.

Complexity and adjustments is another huge part of the struggle between the two. Fuel injection is very easy to adjust when it comes to having the computer next to you. Every adjustment is handled by the computer and the fuel maps can be reprogrammed by riders anytime the need arises— as long as you have the software. With a carburetor however, if you have the metric tools with you and something in the system seems to be failing, you can adjust the ports and float as simple as 1, 2, 3. The ports allow how much fuel is let into the carburetors reservoir, while the float is located in the reservoir and this is what sucks the fuel to start the combustion stage. Higher altitude is the best way to test which combustion system is easier to adjust.

Now with fuel injection, if the oxygen sensor, which is used to change how much fuel and air is being combined, there is no way to fix it without reprograming the system. The bike will run horribly with a worse throttle response than before. The bike may not be able to stay running since you cannot adjust the idle of the bike. With a carburetor you can adjust the idle and almost everything that comes with it. At a higher altitude, you want the best mixture of fuel and air, with tools you can adjust that. Now, fuel injection is not a horrible system, but when it comes to being able to work on your bike without the help of professionals, carburetor is the way to go.

Carburetor and fuel injection both contain many strengths and weaknesses. A carburetor produces more power at higher RPM’s. Fuel injection contains a much faster throttle response at all times. The carburetor also is easier to maintain with the use of tools, rather than the use of computer software. Fuel injection is less complex when comparing everything that goes into the making of the combustion system. The fuel injection system is an expensive system as well, as they can run from $1,000 to $2,000 based on brands and different hook ups.

Carburetors are not cheap systems either, the systems are still costly. A brand new carburetor for a 2010 YZ450R costs around $1,200. Both are expensive, but a carburetor can also be bought used but in mint condition. Cost and maintenance on carburetors are just part of how they dominate fuel injection. Adjustments on a carburetor are much easier as said before. With the use of tools you can adjust how the bike runs at a higher altitude. If a bike was normally ran in Hotchkiss, Colorado (around 5,300 feet) then ran at a high altitude such as Taylor Reservoir (10,000 feet) located just north of Gunnison, Colorado the jets could be adjusted or known as “re-jetting”. Adjusting the jetting changes how much fuel is being sprayed through the jets, which will change how the bike will run at different elevation. If you have fuel injection, however, the oxygen sensors will detect the different levels of oxygen and adjust how much fuel is being sprayed through the nozzle.

Both of these systems are complex, but they also both provide exactly what they were designed for — fuel combustion to give a motor power. Both systems have positives and negatives, but overall the carburetor pulls ahead of fuel injection. It produces more power at higher RPM’s, it is much easier to maintain and is way less complex than the “godly” fuel injection. When it comes to saving your money where it counts, longevity of the combustion system and more raw power, the carburetor by far is the best bang for your buck.

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Friend Zoned: An Inevitable Situation

Ever invested huge amounts of time in someone? You spend hours, days pampering and investing time into this other person. Little do you know you are slowly slipping into one of the most common things men and women deal with everyday…becoming just a friend. Everyday many girls deal with that “super nice guy” that is super nice, cute, and treats her good, but doesn't have what it takes to become the boyfriend. Nice guys are completely confused by these outcomes. They cannot understand how they can, at least from what society makes them believe, do everything right—yet have the situation turn out so wrong and not in their favor. They cannot understand why their good behavior doesn't lead to love and respect. After all, society makes us believe that this is how it is supposed to work. Bring someone flowers or cook them dinner and they love you forever... little do we know this is absolutely wrong.

I wanna tell a tiny secret, I myself have been the victim of what is now called being “Friend Zoned”. My whole life I have been the “super nice guy” I am a super caring guy, back in the day I used to tell girls that they were beautiful and looked great today, or that I loved their eyes, their personality…I didn't know that I was digging myself a hole that I would never climb out of. It took all the way until my senior year to realize that I was a stupid son of a bitch. I made a vow to myself that I would never allow a girl to walk all over me again. I thought that this was the right choice, become the average asshole, be a jerk to girls and damn they will come crawling just begging for some scraps of what you have to offer. I always pictured them coming to me asking for my time, all I had to give them was a huge “F*ck You!”. This pain that I felt was horrible and I know many guys go through this everyday, but dammit why me?

With being the nice guy or nice girl (nice girl doesn't seem to happen often, but it does) you invest time, effort and money into the opposing gender. Time and effort are a majority of the fight, often you get “lucky” and the girl will let you take them out and spend money on them, wrong choice again. With spending time and effort on women you are investing so much into them that you slowly start to fall in love. “But I’m in love with you…” is a super common line used by nice guys. Shit, I’ve used it myself, I thought I loved this girl, I spent time pampering her, talking to her when her boyfriend was being a faggot, just enjoying life with this girl. “Why doesn't she feel the same way back? I’ve done everything for her”. With the repetitive thinking and debating about this topic, it slowly builds a hatred…a hatred for women.

Now girls let me ask this one simple question? Why in the hell do you think it is ok to demand and let this guy invest everything in you? When you could give a rats ass about investing anything in him? “Oh I didn't know that he liked me like that, I always thought he was a brother to me”. Right, you goddamn bitch its all cool now that he knows you like him as a fucking brother. He’s only been bringing you flowers and having deep conversations with you while your dick head boyfriend is flirting with other girls, and really just wants you for a piece of ass. Even after he leaves you broken and hurt who's there? That’s right your “brother” who gave everything and is still giving. At this point there’s no going back for this poor guy, he has done the one mistake that we all have made— cared way to damn much.

This last summer I spent alone with few friends and no girls, it was a huge wake up call for me. It took 3 months of dedicated and deep thinking to realize that I had been fucking up my whole life. I finally understood why these girls had been looking at me in that horrible way for so long. I had been investing in them, while they were demanding for attention, I was giving it to them. I myself never demanded anything, I was a pussy and let them take control. It’s so bad how blinded us nice guys have been, you always hear girls say this bullshit line: “You really care? Then show it!” The demands are flying around like angry birds! Every time you turn around one of those angry demands come flying its way into your life, and instead of being stubborn and sending a demand back, you think of the best way to fulfill their desires.

Holy shit guys it’s time to wake up!!!!! It is time to realize that unless she is willing to invest her time in you and wants you in her life, it’s time to move on. The saying “theres plenty of fish in the sea” is a damn accurate saying. I’m sure any adult reading this is laughing about how we really don't understand love. Isn’t around high school-college the time when you first experienced love? When you learned that it hurts and moving on may be the only way to experience love again? If not, then everything my parents have told me was a lie and I am absolutely sounding like an idiot.

Having talked about this horrible situation, finally there is a damn way out. Step 1: Make your feelings as important as the person you are investing time in, there should be a happy medium and you both should be happy, not just that conceded woman. Step 2: Don’t act so damn desperate, STOP BEING NEEDY! Step 3: Touch them more sexually, doesn't mean you just grab a hand full of ass, more seductive as if you're saying “Hey we are friends but I’m not avoiding the physical connection”.

Step 4: Don’t continually wait on that one person, you could spend you whole life “waiting for them to see how good you treat them”. These are just the basics, you have to care but understand that to build a good relationship you have to invest and be invested in.

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Shotgun Evaluation

The Best Bang For Your Buck

The Best Bang For Your Buck

Evaluated by Tanner Bizer and Jake Hubbell

You look on your calendar, and the day you’ve been waiting for all year is coming up in the next week. The start of bird hunting season. A small wave of excitement washes over your body, reminiscing on the fun adventures that you’ve experienced with good friends and family, and you think with excitement of what the coming year can hold. Then that euphoria quickly evaporates when you realize you don’t have any ammo for the soon upcoming season. Panic sets in, and the need to be prepared is vital. There are thousands of different types of ammo that can be used for bird hunting, and which ammo is the best suited for the type of hunting in the North Fork Valley. To help with this dilemma, we are going to test six different types of ammo and narrow down the choices of which ammo will help ensure a successful hunt in the great outdoors.

To narrow the hundreds of different types of ammo down, it is crucial to know that in the North Fork Valley there are really only two types of bird hunting: upland birds like pheasant, quail, chukar, and ptarmigan, and waterfowl: duck and goose hunting. That brings your search down to 2 categories of ammo. Small lead shot for upland birds, and large steel shot for waterfowl. From there, it is necessary to get the best bang for your buck. There will be three different types of ammo tested for each the lead and steel type ammunition, for the lead ammo competition we will test Winchester, Federal, and Remington ammunition. For the steel ammunition we will test Kent, Fiocchi, and Remington shotgun shells. From there, each will be evaluated depending on: velocity (feet per second), cost, pattern (how it spreads), and the damage the round has. All four tests will give points to the winners, and in the end, the best type of shotgun ammo is what I’ll be carrying on my next bird hunt.

Lead Ammo:

Lead Ammunition

Steel Ammo:

Steel Ammunition


•Points will be awarded on a scale of 1-10.

•At the completion of all four trials, total points will be tallied.

•Each shell will be shot from the weapon that it is best suited to.

•Upland shells will be shot from a Ugartechea side-by-side shotgun.

•Waterfowl shells will be shot from a Remington model 870 pump-action shotgun.

•Each shell will be evaluated for each type of hunting.

•Criteria consist of price, velocity, spread in a 16” diameter circle, and damage.

•The most effective brand will be chosen as the winner.


•Test 1 will evaluate the cost of each type of ammunition per box.


•Test 2 will evaluate the muzzle velocity of each type of ammunition.


•Test 3 will test the spread of each type of ammunition.

•Optimal spread for the steel shot of the waterfowl hunters is a tighter pattern, for longer distance shooting. The steel waterfowl ammo will be shot from a pump-action waterfowl shotgun, used for waterfowl hunting.

•Optimal spread for the lead shot used in upland bird hunting is a wider pattern, for lighter birds. The lead upland bird shot will be fired from the gun almost exclusively used for upland hunting, a double barrel shotgun.

•Each type of ammo will be shot at a butcher paper target, and the total pellet amount will be counted, and the higher the number of pellets, the more points will be awarded.


•The fourth test will be an evaluation of which ammunition causes more damage, helping ensure a more successful hunt, criteria will be from velocity, shot weight, and pattern.

Shot Guns

Points Awarded

Total Points:

Steel Table 1
Lead Table 1Cost:
Lead Cost
Steel Cost


Lead Velocity
Steel Velocity
Pellet Spread:

Lead Pellet Spread
Steel Pellet Spread

Lead Winners:

Lead Winners
Steel Winners:

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After all the testing and the grading criteria to evaluate the ammo, the final results tell you which ammo is the best type of shotgun ammo to use for hunting in the expansive North Fork Valley. When you go to town to stock up for the upcoming upland bird and waterfowl season, you’ll know that for your adventures in a duck blind, the shells you should be keeping in your pocket should be the Fiocchi steel magnum ammo. When you’re walking the broad plains of Scenic Mesa, your best choice of shell to bring down pheasants at upwards of 50 yards is the Remington shurshot heavy dove ammo.


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End of the Semester Comments

This semester was definitely helped me grow in my writing. Due to the fact that I skipped Speech and Literature last year, I wasn't sure how this semester was going to be. I have learned that I really enjoy writing stories about myself. I also did become a much better writer, formally speaking. The research papers helped me to use works cited, and learn to really use my resources. I also believe that the outline really helped me and was a big part of improving my writing. With an outline, I always had something to go refer back to if I lost track of what my ideas were. Through the help of this class, writing very important papers, such as scholarship essays, became much easier and I have become a confident writer for the first time in my life.

Much of the ideas I gained was through consistent research and deep thought outside of school. While at home I would brainstorm some ideas with my parents, or even my close friends. The research for a good topic, would get me thinking about local ideas, such as Fracking which I used in my Argumentative essay. Brave New World was an easier essay for me to write, I understood the concepts the Huxley was trying to get across. However, Slaughterhouse-Five was a very tough essay. Finding exact points to back up the essay was tough. Vonnegut was much better at hiding his ideas through his writing, which in turn was tougher for me to decipher. The stories about myself was more fun to write, who doesn't enjoy telling about crazy stories?!

At this time in the year, I know that I need to continue on my writing, I need to lean better structure and overall usage. I also need to make my points more clear in my arguments. With the help of outlines and consistent writing, I believe I will be on my way to a better writer.


Arguementative Essay

Fracking: The Gateway to Unlimited Energy

Imagine a country that could depend solely on itself for energy, a place where energy wasn’t a concern. Imagine a country that unveiled an untouched, vast amount of energy that may be harnessed and used to create a legacy. This opportunity has presented itself, through the courageous act many gas companies use called fracking. Through the use of hydraulic fracking, or hydrofracking, companies have created millions of jobs for people all across America. Many extremists and environmentalists want to bring this process to a halt, due to chemicals causing harm to the environment. Although there are possible negative effects of fracking, the positives tremendously outweigh any possible negatives. Natural gas companies should be allowed to frack and gain access to the untapped colossal energy source available to Americans. It is a possible outcome to national debt, provides millions of jobs nationwide and could make the U.S. an energy self sufficient country.

Fracking has played a major role in the drilling industry for gas and oil in the U.S. since 1947 when George P. Mitchell, the “father of fracking”, completed the very first trial of fracking. George Mitchell started the expansion of an untouched resource that would benefit this world in more ways than one. Hydraulic fracturing or hydrofracturing is a technique, in which water is typically mixed with sand and chemicals and the mixture is injected at a high pressure into a gas pocket to create small fractures. Fluids such as gas, petroleum, a uranium-bearing solution and brine water may migrate from one pocket to another and then into the well. Hydraulic pressure is removed from the well, and the small grains of sand hold these fractures open once the rock achieves equilibrium. The gas then has openings to flow freely into the well, it is then slowly extracted out of the well by master valves and ran through massive piping into a gas bell, which is a large storage tank.

Fracking is a heated topic that many are passionate about, even though they may not have much knowledge about the topic. Some statistics show the concrete numbers surrounding fracking. Mike Lawrence of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management claims that:

“In 2012 the U.S saw the largest expansion in domestic oil and gas production since it began drilling over 150 years ago. Improved technology that can unleash oil and gas from shale rock formations helped domestic oil output grow last year by a record 853,000 barrels a day, to the highest level in 17 years, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.”

In 2011, the U.S produced 8,500,983 million cubic feet of natural gas from shale gas wells. Taking an average price of $4.24 per thousand cubic feet, that's a value of about $36 billion, due to shale gas alone (Hassett). This may be an answer to the payment of the U.S’s national debt.

The benefits of fracking absolutely diminish any downfalls. One of the benefits of hydraulic fracking, which in turn produce mass amounts of natural gas, is that natural gas is now 80% cheaper in the U.S than the rest of the world (Gilmer). Due to the financial state of natural gas, natural gas is a more reliable source for energy. In previous years where extremists and environmentalists have been so anti-fracking, the prices and demand of natural gas have plummeted dramatically. In the year 2000, shale beds provided just one percent of America’s natural gas supply. Today, those figures now stand proudly at 25 percent. One of the largest benefits of fracking is the production of jobs. Oil and gas industries may be the only industries that are currently hiring at every level. Natural gas companies offer more high paying jobs than any other cooperation (Gilmer). An approximation of 2.8 million jobs are offered by natural gas companies. This, as shown in the previous paragraph, also goes hand-in-hand in the dramatic reconstruction of our corrupt economy.

Fracking has been the discussion of environmentalists and conservationists for years. Anywhere from the common person being cautious about mother earth, to the congressmen of the U.S government debating a law that would potentially help or destroy gas and oil companies. Some of the cons that have been mentioned by the people opposed to fracking is that chemicals are known to be used in hydraulic fracking which is harming the environment with every second they are continually used. Elevated levels of methane and other stray gases have been found in drinking water near natural gas wells in Pennsylvania's gas-rich Marcellus shale region, according to new research. In the case of methane, concentrations were six times higher in some drinking water found within one kilometer of drilling operations (Roach). Due to these homes being 1 kilometer or 0.62 miles from the fracking sites, methane is bound to be discovered in the water table located beneath these residences.

Many of the chemicals used in fracking are unknown to the public, yet the effects they have on the environment are slim compared to the toxins released by the domestic products used everyday. Everyday car batteries, house cleaner, oil and many other common items are thrown into landfills where they can leak into the environment causing much harm. Some of the ingredients used in fracking is Hydrochloric Acid, Glutaraldehyde, Sodium Chloride, Sand, and Water. Somehow, fracking is getting hype for using “atrocious chemicals”. If fracking is frowned upon, so should be the domestic chemicals used everyday. Fracking may be hurting the environment, yet the damage dealt by the chemicals that landfills release is worse. Jared Skye of Love to Know Green Living, reports that:

“The methane produced by the rotting organic matter in unmanaged landfills is 20 times more effective than carbon dioxide at trapping heat...of the 2.37 million short tons of electronic waste, around 25 percent...washed away periodically by rain, potentially dragging them toward municipal water supplies.”

Even though landfills are constructed to keep all contaminants contained, the landfill will eventually leak chemicals into the earth, causing much harm to organic life.

Another prominent reason that people use to ban fracking is the pressurization and cracking of the earth. This has been reportedly linked to earthquakes that have occurred near the sites of fracking. These earthquakes are also very small and have not caused any major damage. Many cities are now banning the fracking process to prevent the chances of earthquakes from happening. Voters in three Colorado cities and one in Ohio on November 5th, 2013 passed ballot measures banning or temporarily halting fracking within their borders (Eaton). In Broomfield...the issue was failing by a mere 13 votes out of more than 20,000. Lafayette's measure...prevailed 60 percent to 40 percent, while Boulder voters overwhelmingly said "no" to fracking within city limits. The margin in Boulder was 78 percent in favor...versus 22 percent against (Aguilar).

If hydraulic fracking is to be used in future years, self sufficient energy dependence may be possible for the U.S and many countries all across the world. The use of fracking may result in the industrialization of energy worldwide. Many countries would remain self dependant, saving themselves money and providing jobs nationwide. Since 1991 the United States has been importing oil from over 80 different countries. In 2012 about 40% of petroleum consumed by the United States was imported from foreign countries (U.S Department of Energy). Through technology progressing and many brilliant minds of the U.S, fracking is the doorway to unlimited energy and a self sustaining country.

Fracking will continue to be a major part of energy expansion for the next 50 years. The U.S is said to have enough natural gas reserves for the country to run on for the next 100 years. If fracking continues to be so controversial, a possible solution may be available. If the EPA was to oversee the chemicals used in fracking yet still allow the companies to frack, it may be the best of both worlds. With the cooperation of both parties, the protection of the environment and the expansion of energy may be possible without a never ending, dramatic brawl. Throughout history, the country that can rein superior and depend solely on itself will forever be a superpower. A country that shall create a legacy for all of eternity.

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Slaughterhouse Five

Can Free Will Conquer Fate?

The troubling news is out, the world is going into World War 3 and all men in the USA 17 and older must enlist for the military. The free will that American people were promised is quickly taken away and they must act, there isn’t much time, could this be fate? Kurt Vonnegut displays this entirely different outlook on Time, Free will, and Fate in his award winning book Slaughterhouse Five (1969). Slaughterhouse Five is about a man named Billy who serves in World War 2, time travels to Tralfamadore, and his life after the war as a optometrist. Fate and free will are key-words that play a huge role in everyday life, for every form of life. Both are related to time, and time may be the single most important part of life. Everyday the constant focus is on time; people feel as if they never have enough. Whether it be enough time to eat and make it to work, or the amount of sleep the body needs. Time is a much bigger part of everyday life than we know. Vonnegut uses a theme that man is destined to die based on time; it is fate, and by illustrating to the reader to enjoy life, that death is tied to fate and by showing his own experiences through Billy.

Kurt Vonnegut uses personal feelings throughout the entire book of Slaughterhouse Five, one of the many different thematic words used is Fate and freewill. Vonnegut’s theme for this book is that man is destined to die, it is the fate of humans to eventually reach death, so they have to accept the fact that they will eventually die and live for the moment. Enjoy life instead of being fixed on death; everyone dies in due time, but do not put all time and effort into the thought of death. Everyone has the same fate, no one can win in life. One of the symbols that Vonnegut uses is a repeated reference to time, which is when someone leaves this life, you are not truly dead. You may be dead during that moment in time, but any other time you are still alive. This is based on Vonnegut’s reference to how time plays into death.

Fate plays a huge role in time as well. Many times throughout the book it seems like fate has it destined for many people to enter death, and leave this world. Throughout the book every character attempts to escape death. None of them can accept the idea of becoming a decaying organism. Vonnegut represents death by using a small catch phrase: "So it goes". This catch phrase is used to show death, in a certain point of time. “So it goes” is used when someone in the book dies. “So it goes” first appears on page 27 after using a biblical reference about death, and is shown again on page 28. Vonnegut’s use of “So it goes” indicates someone dying, which ties back into his theme of this book. “So it goes” is a form of dark humor. Vonnegut uses dark humor to mock death throughout the entire book. His dark humor lightens the idea of death, even though death and time are his main objectives.

Vonnegut displays his own personal outlook of death and time through Billy. Vonnegut reported in an article that “I have been smoking cigarettes my entire life, and now I am going to sue them for lying. They told me on the back of the pack that they would kill me...I’m 85 and not dead yet.” Vonnegut is not afraid of death and he shows this using Billy and the idea of Time travel. As the Tralfamadorians say during the course of the book, “You are never truly dead in time, as we see it. You are dead at that one point, but any other point in time before that, you are alive.” Many of Vonnegut’s characters are showing normal human behavior and characteristics. His only exception is Billy; during the time of war Billy has no fear of death. All of his comrades are so afraid of death, that one of them pisses his pants. All Billy can do is “time travel” back to the good memories of his past, to escape the thought of death. During the duration of Billy’s life, he is passive. He lets everyone walk all over him, yet somehow he is not as scared of death as he should be. Vonnegut shows how he feels about death, using Billy as an example.

All in all, Vonnegut is somewhat crazy, yet he gives a completely different outlook on life. Humans cannot dwell on the idea of dying, they must live their life to the fullest. Even after death when others may be mourning, they are still “alive”, and the ones they love must know that they will always be there; no matter what point in time it may be.

Works Cited

Vonnegut, Kurt. Slaughterhouse Five. 2005. New York: The Dial Press, 2005. Print.

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Scholarship Essays

1st Essay:

The Veteran, Just Getting By

My name is Tanner Bizer, I’m from Hotchkiss, Colorado which is a very SMALL rural town. Our town consists of around 1,500 people, mostly middle class. The work is based mostly of farming, and ranching. Hotchkiss is an extremely wonderful town to live in, you are surrounded by the Grand Mesa, Mt. Lanzend and Lanzin, nothing but beautiful Rocky Mountain country. Job hunting is difficult as a high school student, pay wise. Most of the work is gardening, or ranching, tough yet strenuous work, for minimum wage. Most people are just trying to get by, my friend knew an owner of a Golf Course over in Carbondale, Colorado. (Located very close to Aspen, a very wealthy town.) My friend told me he could hopefully get me the job, he succeeded. I was really looking forward to working on a Golf Course, all I could think about was making money, and being somewhere new. I would of never thought that my perspective was about to change dramatically.

I stayed with my grandparents who lived in New Castle, which was about 35 minutes away from work. Right as I turned into Carbondale each day, there would be a disabled veteran standing at the light with a sign reading “Anything would help, God Bless”. For about the first two weeks my friend and I were ignorant and never paid any attention to him. We would go to work for 10 hours, head home and see the poor man in the same exact spot. Finally after a while my friend and I discussed this and couldn’t believe that the man stood in the exact same spot, all day every day. We talked about giving him some money, but always ended up blowing it off. Finally we decided together, that it was time to give this man some help. It was a Thursday, after work on our way home, we were stopped by Big Red...there he was, still standing like a champ. I pulled out $10.00 from my wallet and Jake contributed as well; as I quickly rolled down the window and yelled at the gentleman, he hobbled over swiftly. I handed him the money and watched as he slowly got teary eyed, and emotional “Thank you, and God Bless!” he said exasperated. I smiled with great satisfaction and replied “You’re welcome! I hope that helps!”

I had never helped someone in that sort of manner in my life, I felt fulfilled and like I had a sense of purpose. Watching this retired disabled vet, get emotional and thank me for the whopping $20.00, gave me hope. A hope that I could help people, no matter how big of an act. This past summer gave me a better outlook than I could have ever hoped for. Life is not meant to be greedy, it is meant to help others and to be as helpful as you can while you compete in this wonderful thing, called life.

2nd Essay:

Who I Really Am

My name is Tanner Bizer; I am an outgoing, fun-loving, hard working senior at Hotchkiss High School in Hotchkiss, Colorado. Hotchkiss is a very small rural town about 4 hours away from Denver, Colorado. Hotchkiss consists of mostly middle class, and is based around farming and ranching. I have grown up in Hotchkiss all my life, and I love it here. Although my abnormally small school does not sound like one to produce many college candidates, Hotchkiss offers enough college credits to eventually become a Community College.

I myself would like to go to college and become a Mechanical Engineer. Whether it be through a military ROTC, or student loans. In which I will begin the mandatory payments to the Government. I enjoy learning math, the mechanics of machines and objects. This field is a very high paying job and in constant demand. This helps me to feel secure about my future, give me confidence that I shall succeed, and make opportunities endless. This is why I feel Mechanical Engineering would be a very beneficial future option for me.

I have limited my thousands of possible college options to a bare minimum.. These are a few of the colleges I have in my sights: School of Mines, CU Boulder, Colorado Mesa University, and Grand Canyon University. These colleges all have interested me in their own personal ways. With presentation and location and academic achievements, these schools blow away the competition. School of Mines and CU Boulder both have a Air-force ROTC, and very exceptional Engineering programs. CMU, and GCU both entail Engineering programs, but no ROTC. For the cost and tuition, CMU and GCU are much lower than School of Mines and CU Boulder. Depending on which school I attend, I hope to stay true to Engineering through my college years, graduate and use my attained skills in the field with expertise. The beautiful thing about Mechanical Engineering, is so many options are available and ready to be explored and mastered. I am ready to attack my future head on and with full speed.

3rd Essay:

The Chaos Theory

“The Butterfly Effect” also know as “The Chaos Theory” was founded by Edward Lorenz in 1961. In ‘61, Lorenz used a numerical computer to redo a weather prediction, in an attempt to shorten the process, Lorenz entered a three digit decimal (.506) rather than the full six digit number (.506127). This resulted in an entirely different weather case. In 1963 he published a theoretical study of this, know as Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow. His example of this theory was “If a butterfly is to flap its wings in Brazil, could this cause the devastating effect of a tornado in Texas?” The Butterfly effect is a well known theory all across the world, many people believe in the idea that a butterfly flapping its wings at one point in time, could cause severe chaos in another point in time, even though there is no relativity between the two.

For any one system to be classified as chaotic they have to consist of three certain properties:

1. The system must be sensitive to the initial condition.

2. Must be able to topologically mixed. Topology is the mathematical study of shapes and spaces.

3. Also the periodic orbits must be dense.

In all honesty, I understand for any normal human to understand the mathematical process/thought of these theories, the chance is very slim. I do however believe life is a chaotic process and everything happens for a reason. I believe that fate plays a huge role into the idea of “The Butterfly Effect”. If a certain eruption of a volcano in Hawaii, is caused by the collecting of nectar by a Bee in Colorado, then fate must be playing into this “chaotic system”. This theory could be argued on whether “The Butterfly Effect” truly is fate, or rather just mathematical equations.

My life is going by at a rapid pace, and as I have been told by my elders...it only gets worse as you get older. Many times I have believed “the chaos theory” to play into my life. An idea as simple as not doing a homework assignment, that changed the ending of my grade. Other times taking the chance to take college classes while I am still in High School. This opportunity is one that I accepted and to this day, am thankful that I took. During every Sophomores year, Hotchkiss High School (the school I attend) is bestowed with the chance to take a pre-ACT to decide whether or not they may take college classes during their Junior, and Senior years. All that it entails is getting a composite score of 21, I completed this trial. With the amount of credits I will have when I graduate, I will hopefully be a sophomore in college by the time I am accepted.

This was a huge leap for me as a high school student; for I was and still am unsure of what I would like to do in life. The college classes enlightened my outlook, and broadened the spectrum of possibilities. It opened a door for me to begin exploring what I was born to do, my fate. There are many things in the world that could possibly have “The Butterfly Effect” on my life. The tectonic movement of plates may affect my opportunity of getting hired as a Mechanical Engineer based on the mathematical idea of the “chaos theory”, or it truly may be my destiny to find another job.

All in all, I believe in the idea of one thing happening, due to another thing happening at one point in time. I do however not believe it is equations and such, I believe it is destiny, and somewhere...something is determining my fate.

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Gentle Honey Badger

I was utterly disappointed with my life. It was Friday night on my days off from work, and I had absolutely nothing to do. It was nearing 8:00 PM and my parents had been persistent about asking me if I even had any friends...I kept telling them yes, but talking to them is like talking to a brick wall...only that brick wall is superior to you.

“When I was your age I was always out doing something, hanging with friends, night swimming, partying, we were crazy...ohhh the 80’s.” my Dad remarked.

“Yeah Dad? Well I guess I’m not a badass like you!” I replied with sheer confidence, that I could take him if we were to brawl.

“Maybe you should just stay home, whine about nothing to do, and be a recluse or something.” my Dad said smiling.

“Your Dad did show me some illegal, exciting things in high school, we used to go “dobe” running, and then we would have a tire fire, it’s a wonder we didn’t get caught!” my step-mom replied while my father and her had their little “reflection moment of the old times.”

I spent the next 30 minutes calling all my “cool” friends to see if they knew of anything exciting that was going on that night. I finally got ahold of one of my best friends Dustin Head.

After talking for a while, Dustin said “Yeah dude, I was just going to stay home, but we could plan something...” After a long silence I asked about playing some Fugitive possibly, he agreed.

I sent a huge group message to any and all human beings in the entire valley, “ Fugitive in Paonia bring everyone, regardless of age, gender, race. I want the cops to have to decide who they are going to catch, whether it’s the slowest of the group, or the fastest.

It was nearing around 9:30 by now, and I was anxious. I left my house after telling my parents what I was up to.

“HAHA you get your ass caught, I’m not coming to bail your sorry ass out,” my dad told me jokingly.

I drove to Paonia wasting no time as if I was on my way to chase some girls. I also talked to Jake Hubbell and told him about the wonderful adventure about to be embarked on. We all met at the Paonia park and discussed where to start at, and where to head to. In Fugitive you all start at one place, the person who is "it" leaves in the car and gives you a few minutes to get your butt moving. You all have to meet at the destination without getting caught. Whoever gets caught, is it for the next round. After agreeing to venture to the Nursing Home, we all ganged up and told a few of the girls that they had to be the ones “it” they sped off in a bright yellow mustang.

The most thrilling part about Fugitive, is the cops are out late at night, looking for any misled child straying about past curfew. Having to constantly run across town, hiding from any vehicle is so damn fun. Almost like running from a group of mass murderers. You feel like a wanted criminal, and that drives you to not get caught...by the cops or by the person that’s “it”. All of us scattered into groups, I was with Jake, Dustin, Logan Schopp, Travis Voight, T Hicks, Jonathon Alonzo and Gunnar Chesnik. The adventure began; we sprinted like olympians through yards, across fences, away from loose dogs, and most of all, away from any form of automobile.

People would hear us laughing like a bunch of giddy school girls, and panting like we had just wrestled a full grown Grizzly; they would step out their house and yell at us telling us to “Y’all knock your shit off you dumb kids...blah blah blah” expecting us to care. We made it to the nursing home safely, after almost being run down by the girls a few times, we were craving more. Somehow during this “break” before we started playing again, Dustin and I had a small debate about what our school mascot should be.

“I think we should be the Cowboys, because Cowboys are tough and we are tough...right?” Dustin remarked.

“The damn Cowboys?! Dude why not the Honey Badgers? They are ferocious, and vicious! Those things eat rattlesnakes, are hard headed, and let the snakes bite them, just for the challenge and for the fun of it!!!” I said while getting up in Dustins grill.

“Alright guys, get ready to go.” Voight yelled loudly

I had invited Alexis Arroyo to come play with us, she ended up meeting at the Nursing Home. We decided to run all the way to Paonia High School, it was going to take a long time.

“Oh my god, we can not travel in packs,” I said in disbelief.

“Lets split up ladies and gents!” Gunnar said with a big smirk. We all split up; Jake went with Gunnar, Travis, and Schopp; Dustin, Jonathon , T, Alexis, her friend Morgan and I all hit the road running. We resumed the running from cars and crazy people. After a while, everything settled down, it was now around midnight and we had been playing for a few hours. Out of the dark of the night, a white, SUV type of vehicle sped around a corner straight for us!

“Ahhh Cops!” I screamed. We all scattered like someone had tossed a frag grenade at us. I ran down the street until my lungs were about to burst, I turned around and that damn Cop had turned my way and was still coming after me. I dove into some bushes around the corner and landed straight in a rose bush….I thought I was going to die right there. I layed there, frozen as the “Po-Po” turned the next corner thinking I had continued on.

“Haha you bastard.” I mumbled to myself, even though my body had been penetrated by thorns. I met back up with my group, we all giggled about the whole thing, then realized that we had a long ways to go. We continued trucking, all the way until Subway by Paonia. Then we saw them...that bright Mustang once again came racing right at us, Dustin and I saw that the gate to go behind Subway was open, there was a small creek just below, we hustled and beat our way through brush and trees down by the creek. We stood very still as that car pulled up by the creek, as I heard the transmission go into park I thought we were goners. I could hear the group of girls talking amongst each other.

“We see you Fuckers!” yelled one of the girls

“Come out, you’re riding with us now!” screamed another

“Damnit, whyyyyyyyyy!?” yelled Max Menely. He was also playing with us, just as I thought my luck had run out, it saved me again. He knew we were right behind him across the creek, but he didn’t snitch us out, he pulled the “bro move” of the night. He got in the car and they sped off like the Indy 500 was in action. Dustin and I moved out in order like Seal Team 6, we sprinted down the highway to a trailer park referred to as the “ghetto” of Paonia. I called Alexis and waited for them to meet up with Dustin, T, Jonathon and I. After meeting up, we made a devious plan to cross the bridge, when the time was right. Just as we are about to cross….I heard an extremely eerie noise, the sound of an engine revving. I look back down the road and see the Mustang just sitting there, waiting for us. As the car shifts into drive, and pounds down the road after us, I wet myself...just a little bit, as I sprinted to a sneaky little location next to a massive oak tree.

Finally we were captured, only not by the Mustang, or the Cops, but by Jake, Gunnar and Schopp. They go on to explain how they were almost across the bridge and the girls were all waiting for them on the other side.

“Damn cheaters, we were about to win this damn game, dodged about 3 cops, and 8 dogs on the way here!” Schopp said disappointed

“Eh, that’s alright they’ll never win again” replied Jake.

“Well guys, that was damn fun, lets do this again soon,” I say.

As we part for the night I say my soppy goodbyes to all my broskies, for I had to work not two days later. I roll home, and go inside like I’m sneaking into my girlfriend's house. My dad scared me half to death, and asks how my night as a vigilante went. After a detailed explanation he replies with something I did not expect.

“You know, even though we did some insane and stupid activities back in highschool, I think the way you go about everything is much better! I'm proud of you son." he says while choking up a bit.

"Thanks Dad, I'll see you in the morning..." I said while laughing. I love that guy and was expecting some smart-ass remark but I got an honest feeling. All in all no matter how much of a sarcastic, fun loving, hard ass your dad may seem, he will always surprise you with his soft heart; he is the gentle honey badger.

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America's Congress: Using Taxpayer's Money For Fun

Americas Congress: Using Taxpayers Money For Fun

Congress started in 1789 and has been involved in running this country since, only now America is becoming “Dysfunctional” (Mellstrom). The biggest problem is that they are taking huge expensive vacations with the wonderful help of Taxpayers money, and oh’ boy is the country a little agitated. On average each Congress member is allowed up to 3 months of vacation time. The normal hard working Taxpayer is allowed 16 days of combined vacation and holiday time per year, getting frustrated yet? (Mellstrom). You may not have noticed, but the entire United States Congress sleazed out of town at the beginning of August for a five-week vacation, leaving much of the economy in a shambles” reports Michael Hiltzik of The Los Angeles Times. While Congress left for recess, they left a “daunting to-do list” (Condon). The people involved in this is Congress and every hard working American out there. Americans work for everything they have, and pay taxes every year, while Congress is out on vacation somewhere at their expense. If that doesn’t upset the middle class slightly, I’m not sure what will. “The Congressional calendar for this coming year consists of 126 days, leaving members of Congress 239 days to perhaps tour our great nation, toy with the idea of running for higher office, and maybe visit a natural disaster or two” reports Mara Mellstrom. Congress vacations were never a very heated topic until America noticed that bills and laws had failed to be passed and or reviewed, and that all these wonderful hard working congressmen were seen on multi-million dollar vacation trips across the globe. Joe Heller displays very good insights on the issue of Congressmen on vacation.

The cartoonist is showing how discouraged America truly is, in this cartoon. The artists message to the reader is that congress gets too much vacation time than their job should give them. Some of the artists message is showing the Congressman dressed in a nice suit, while the “people” of America are dressed in farming clothes, shorts, t-shirts, etc (Heller). There is a huge diversity of people as well, there are young children, a farmer, a black and white female. They all have a disgusted look on their face as the Congressman happily leaves on vacation. The looks indicate that they are all tired of Congress slacking off on the job. They are also located next to the capitol building, showing they are constantly keeping a close eye on Congress. The most imperative message the artist wants to show is people are annoyed at Congress continuously having fun, and they need to step up and take the initiative to work hard, it's what they are getting payed for.

The major issue is that Congress is allowed too much vacation, when they should be at the capitol building doing their job. If average hard working Americans can only be allowed 16 days off. Why should people of higher position, and pay, be granted permission to work “part time”, and get a demoralizing amount of money for it? The message the artist is trying to get across to society is that, unless America can come together and prove to Congress that they are hired to help run this “superpower”, not to abuse hard working Americans money for their personal satisfaction.

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