Unit 1: Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities

    Day Bellwork Classwork Homework Worksheets You Need to Get from the Binder in Class
    Monday, 8.20.12 Mental Math #1 Get 5 subject spiral notebook
    Tuesday, 8.21.12 Twisted Tuesday#1 Signed Syllabus Syllabus
    Wednesday, 8.22.12 Word Wednesday#1 Finish Adding/Subtracting Integers wkst Adding/Subtracting Integers Worksheet
    Thursday, 8.23.12 #1-20 Adding Positive and Negative Numbers wkst Adding Positive and Negative Numbers wkst
    Friday, 8.24.12 U0A1 (Unit 0 Assessment 1) Turn in syllabus and Adding/Subtracting Integers wkst HW #3 Hot/cold packet
    Monday, 8.27.12 Mental Math #2 Week 1 Mastery Quiz A Finish hot/cold packet
    Tuesday, 8.28.12 Add and Subt. Positive and Negative Num. wkst Add and Subt. Positive and Negative Num. wkst
    Order of Operations
    Wednesday, 8.29.12 Word Wednesday #2 Week 1 MQ C Order of Operations wkst
    Thursday, 8.30.31 Week 1 MQ D Evaluating Variable Expressions wkst Evaluating Variable Expressions wkst
    Friday, 8.31.12 U0A2 Turn in hot/cold, Add and Subt. Postive
    and negative numbers wkst, and order of operations HW #2
    Tuesday, 9.4.12 Twisted Tuesday #3 Week 2 Mastery Quiz A Heat wave wkst Heat wave worksheet
    Wednesday, 9.5.12 Word Wednesday #3 MQB Finish the other side of heat wave wkst
    Thursday, 9.6.12 MQC Practice 2-4 wkst (due Friday) Practice 2-4 wkst
    Friday, 9.7.12 U0A3 Turn in all wksts from this week. HW #3
    Monday, 9.10.12 Mental Math #4 Week 3 Mastery Quiz A Order of Operations wkst (odds only) Order of Operations wkst
    Tuesday, 9.11.12 Twisted Tuesday #4 MQ B
    Wednesday, 9.12.12 Word Wednesday #4 MQ C Distribution and Combining Like Terms wkst Distribution and Combining Like Terms wkst
    Thursday, 9.13.12 MQ D
    Friday, 9.14.12 U0A4 HW #4 Order of Operations, Distribution worksheets
    Monday, 9.17.12 Mental Math #5 Week 4 Mastery Quiz A Yam worksheet (both sides due Friday Yam worksheet
    Tuesday, 9.18.12 MQ B Cryptic worksheet (only the front) Cryptic worksheet
    Wednesday, 9.19.12 Word Wednesday #5 MQ C
    Thursday, 9.20.12 MQ D One-Step Equations worksheet (all) One-step Equations worksheet
    Friday,9.21.12 U1A1 HW #5 Yam, Cryptic, One-step worksheet
    Monday, 9.24.12 Mental Math #6 Week 5 Mastery Quiz A
    Tuesday, 9.25.12 Twisted Tuesday #6 MQ B Knowledge worksheet Knowledge worksheet
    Wednesday, 9.26.12 Word Wednesday #6 MQ C Two-Step Equations worksheet Two-Step Equations worksheet
    Thursday, 9.27.12 MQ D
    Friday, 9.28.12 U1A2 HW #6 Knowledge wkst, Two-step equations
    Turn in all Bellwork from the year (in gradebook as Bellwork #1)
    Monday, 10.1.12 Mental Math #7 Week 6 Mastery Quiz A Two-Step Equations Worksheet
    Tuesday, 10.2.12 Twisted Tuesday #7 MQ B Puzzle due Friday (see me to explain) Puzzle worksheets
    Wednesday, 10.3.12 Word Wednesday #7 MQ C Practice 3-2 worksheet due Friday Practice 3-2 Worksheet
    Thursday, 10.4.12 MQ D
    Friday, 10.5.12 U1A3 HW #7 Two-step, Puzzle, Practice 3-2
    Monday, 10.8.12 Mental Math #8
    Tuesday, 10.9.12 Twisted Tuesday #8 One-Step Word Problems (due Thursday) One-Step Word Problems
    Wednesday, 10.10.12 Word Wednesday #8 Multi-Step Equations Worksheet (due Thursday) Multi-Step Equations Worksheet
    Thursday, 10.11.12 Skunk #8 HW #8 One-Step Word Problems wkst and Multi-Step Equations wkst
    Monday, 10.22.12 Mental Math #9 Two Step Equations Word Problems Two Step Equations Word Problems
    Tuesday, 10.23.12 Week 7 Mastery Quiz A Finish Snake Review Snake Review
    Wednesday, 10.24.12 Word Wednesday #9 MQ B
    Thursday, 10.25.12 MQ C Proportions Word Problems Proportions Word Problems
    Friday, 10.26.12 U1A4 HW #9 Two Step Equations Word Problems, Snake Review, Proportions Wrd Problems
    Monday, 10.29.12 Mental Math #10 Week 8 Mastery Quiz A Take home U1A4 and turn in tomorrow
    Tuesday, 10.30.12 Twisted Tuesday #10 MQ B Graphing Inequalities wkst due Friday Graphing Inequalities wkst
    Wednesday, 10.31.12 Word Wednesday #10 MQ C
    Thursday, 11.1.12 MQ D One Step/Two Step Inequalities wkst due Friday One Step/Two Step Inequalities wkst
    Friday, 11.2.12 U1A5 HW #10 U1A4 Review, Graphing Inequalities, One-Step/Two Step due today
    Monday, 11.5.12 Mental Math #11 Week 9 Mastery Quiz A Multi-Step Inequalitites wkst - all Multi-Step Inequalities wkst
    Tuesday, 11.6.12 MQ B
    Wednesday, 11.7.12 MQ C
    Thursday, 11.8.12 MQ D Practice 4-4 wkst #2-22 evens Practice 4-4 wkst
    Friday, 11.9.12 HW #11 Multi-Step and Practice 4-4
    Unit 1 Post Assessment


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