District Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Caring, Challenging, Learning—Every Student, Every Day!


Delta County School District will be a district of excellence provided through rigor, relevance, relationships, responsibility, and results. Delta County School District will be responsible to all stakeholders ensuring all graduates of Delta County School District possess 21st century skills in a global society.


The Delta County School District shall provide a safe and caring environment for all students and staff, meaningful opportunities and innovative educational programs that challenge all students so that they continue learning, including the attainment of content standards, through partnerships between home, school, and the community.


  • All District decisions will be based on what is best for students.
  • Maintain a focus on achievement and growth through continued implementation and refinement of the curriculum combined with quality instruction.
  • Model honest and trusting relationships while respecting all people and the processes within the school community.
  • Create a 3-5 year technology and facilities plan.
  • Operate with-in a balanced and transparent budget.