Bear Den for January

Each month Cedaredge Elementary School honors students recommended by their teachers for achievement in five areas of BRUIN Pride. The areas are Backbone, Respect, Unique, Inquisitive and New learning. This month’s honored students gathered for this photo, and are arranged by class in each row, beginning with kindergartners in front. Bear Den honorees at Cedaredge Elementary School for January 2013 are kindergartners Abby Brooks (I) and Lauren Christensen (NL) from Mrs. Summer Dallman’s class; Zane Pritchett (absent) (I) and Keenan Herod (NL) from Mrs. Meryn Harris’ class; Aaliyah Huberd (I) and Jamee Barnard (R) from Mrs. Janae Parsons’ class; first graders Jazmin Rivera (R) from Mrs.Amy Peebles’ class; Jasmin Ponce Gama (NL) and Zander Dawes (R) from Ms. Nicole Melby’s class; Aaron Neustel (I) and Wesley McKinney (NL) from Mrs. Kelly Rienks’ class; second graders Lexi Todd (B) and Trenten Rogers (absent) (R) from Ms. Stephanie Barton’s class; Sadee Griffeth (absent) (R) and Niki McKinney (R) from Ms. Haley Benson’s class; Jaycee Hice (B) and Jacob Quick (R) from Mrs. Jean Laurita’s class; third graders Makayla Tompkins (R) and Nolen Knuckles (B) from Mrs. Rebecca Henry’s class; Madison Bowen (I) and Lucas Hoerr (I) from Ms. Peggy Lampton’s class; Cabe Waehner (NL) and Leila Morton (U) from Ms. Stacy Schmalz’s class; fourth graders Blake Tullis (R&U) and Vonson Youtzy (NL&R) from Ms. Carrie Berger’s class; Skyler Sakala (NL) and Brody Wagner (B) from Mrs. DeAnna Frost’s class; Reagan Todd (R) and Jadyn Gorham (I) from Mr. Brad Stanfield’s class; and fifth graders Fabian Barron (NL) and Jackie Rivera (I) from Mr. Ryan Bond’s class; Sean Dale (I) and Adison Arnett (R) from Mr. Kirby Henderson’s class; Makayla Kehmeier (U) and Alayna Edwards (U) from Mr. Larry Thompson’s class.

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