DCSD to go 1:1 with Chrombooks for 6th-12th graders next year

Dear Parents,

We are excited to announce Delta County School District will be a 1:1 ChromeBook district for grades 6th through 12th for fall 2018.

1:1 means one chromebook for each student. We believe for students to become successful in the future of their choosing, they should be able to learn anytime and anywhere. Real learning is more than the 4 walls of the 8am to 3:30pm classroom.

Students will be able to take the chromebooks home each night for school use. All we ask is a yearly $35 take home fee. The student must return the ChromeBook at the end of the school year. The student will be reissued the same device when returning the following year.

Online safety is a #1 priority. Students online activity is closely monitored and filtered for content even while at home. To help you get started with being safe online here is an excellent resource.

While we believe the 1:1 initiative is extremely important, we also believe there are some fundamental elements of learning that will continue to be used. We believe the most important key to learning is the human relationship between learner and teacher. That becomes more important as the use of technology increases.

Much of the time pencil and paper are still the best learning tools. Students will still be required to write. Your student will still engage the teacher and their fellow students in the classroom through discussions, questions, and answers. We also strongly believe in learning by using your hands to build things. The technology does not replace the foundations of learning, it simply enhances it.

We know too much screen time can be a bad thing. We do not expect students to be staring at a screen for hours every day. That can do more harm than good. We believe the device should be available anytime it is needed.

One of the benefits to 1:1 is students will be able to take online versions of courses which are difficult to offer in a small school. The technology is there to help your student learn in ways not possible before. The Chromebook is just one more tool to help prepare your student for the future.

No one can predict the future, but we can be prepared for it.

If you wish to look deeper into the research of how educational technology improves learning please click on these links:

Please read through our detailed policies.