School Board Message - Equity and Opportunity for Every Student

School Board Statement:

As a School District, we have felt the dramatic pain, suffering, and anger caused by racial discrimination, and we are dedicated to taking an inward look as we ensure equity and opportunity for every student within our school system. Some of you are here tonight because you want to see our School District respond and confront racial discrimination. The District Superintendent, District Leadership, and two members of the School Board met with some of you this week to discuss these difficult issues. In addition, we have been listening, observing, and learning with so many across our country with regard to racial awareness.

We at DCSD are in agreement with the mission of the Colorado Department of Education to ensure equity and opportunity for every student, every step of the way. The events of the past few months, and long before, highlight how much work we all have to do and how much learning we have yet to make. DCSD is committed to educating and treating all students with equality and respect.

As we navigate these uncertain times, the Board and District Superintendent, Caryn Gibson, are committed to reviewing District policies to ensure that instances of racial discrimination can be handled swiftly and appropriately. The School District has zero-tolerance for racial discrimination including forms of violence and hate crimes.

Top priorities for all of us are the physical safety, emotional well-being, and continued respect for each of our students, teachers, staff, and members of our communities. We will continue to work diligently so everyone associated with the School District will be treated with the utmost respect and support. As a School District, we condemn all types of discrimination and injustice, while promoting equitable opportunities, and keeping our schools safe.

While we don’t have all the answers to break all the social inequities, we are committed to learning and celebrating diversity to create a more equitable school system where all students have access to equal opportunities.